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Journées équations aux dérivées partielles (1995)

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Yann Brenier
Quelques lois de conservations issues de modèles cinétiques
(Some conservation laws given by kinetic models)
Exp. No. 1, 13 p. Details
Daniel Grieser; David Jerison
Asymptotics of the first nodal line
Exp. No. 2, 8 p. Details
E. Brian Davies
Heat kernel bounds for higher order elliptic operators
Exp. No. 3, 11 p. Details
Thomas C. Sideris
Long-time behavior of nonlinear elastic waves
Exp. No. 4, 7 p. Details
Dimitri G. Vassiliev
The symbol of a lagrangian distribution
Exp. No. 5, 12 p. Details
Leonid Pastur
Surface waves: Propagation and localization
Exp. No. 6, 12 p. Details
Dennis A. Hejhal
Eigenfunctions of the laplacian, quantum chaos, and computation
Exp. No. 7, 11 p. Details
Johan Rade
Singular Yang-Mills connections
Exp. No. 8, 15 p. Details
Michael Christ
On local and global analytic and Gevrey hypoellipticity
Exp. No. 9, 7 p. Details
Carlos E. Kenig
Local well posedness of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Exp. No. 10, 6 p. Details
Charles L. Fefferman; Luis A. Seco
The mathematics of large atoms
Exp. No. 11, 12 p. Details
Yoshihisa Morita
Stable solutions and their spatial structure of the Ginzburg-Landau equation
Exp. No. 12, 5 p. Details
Giorgio Talenti
On complex-valued solutions to a 2D eikonal equation
Exp. No. 13, 6 p. Details
Jon Johnsen
Regularity properties of semilinear boundary problems in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces
Exp. No. 14, 10 p. Details
John Sylvester
Some new results in 1D inverse scattering
Exp. No. 15, 6 p. Details
Elias M. Stein
Spectral multipliers and multiple-parameter structures on the Heisenberg group
Exp. No. 16, 15 p. Details
Elias M. Smoller; Blake Temple
Shock-wave explosions in general relativity
Exp. No. 17, 20 p. Details
Elliott H. Lieb; Michael Loss
Symmetry of the Ginzburg-Landau minimizer in a disc
Exp. No. 18, 12 p. Details
Yu.E. Karpeshina
Interaction of a free wave with a semicrystal
Exp. No. 19, 8 p. Details
Frank Merle
Recent progress on the blow-up problem of Zakharov equations
Exp. No. 20, 7 p. Details
Daniel W. Stroock
An estimate on the hessian of the heat kernel
Exp. No. 21, 4 p. Details
François Trèves
Boundary values of cohomology classes as hyperfunctions
Exp. No. 22, 20 p. Details
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