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Journées équations aux dérivées partielles (2011)

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Hajer Bahouri
Description of the lack of compactness of some critical Sobolev embedding
Exp. No. 1, 13 p. Details
Massimiliano Berti
Quasi-periodic solutions of Hamiltonian PDEs
Exp. No. 2, 13 p. Details
T. Alazard; N. Burq; C. Zuily
Low regularity Cauchy theory for the water-waves problem: canals and swimming pools
Exp. No. 3, 20 p. Details
Benjamin Dodson
Global well-posedness and scattering for the mass-critical NLS
Exp. No. 4, 11 p. Details
Rupert L. Frank
On the uniqueness of ground states of non-local equations
Exp. No. 5, 10 p. Details
Camille Laurent
On stabilization and control for the critical Klein-Gordon equation on a 3-D compact manifold
Exp. No. 6, 17 p. Details
Michel Ledoux
Analytic and Geometric Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities
Exp. No. 7, 15 p. Details
Claudio Muñoz
$H^1$-stability of mKdV multi-kinks
Exp. No. 8, 16 p. Details
Stéphane Nonnenmacher
Spectral theory of damped quantum chaotic systems
Exp. No. 9, 23 p. Details
Frederic Rousset
On the free surface Navier-Stokes equation in the inviscid limit
Exp. No. 10, 14 p. Details
Benjamin Schlein
Effective Evolution Equations in Quantum Physics
Exp. No. 11, 19 p. Details
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