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Journées équations aux dérivées partielles (2014)

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Scott Armstrong
Uniform Lipschitz estimates in stochastic homogenization
Exp. No. 1, 11 p. Details
Isabelle Gallagher
From classical mechanics to kinetic theory and fluid dynamics
Exp. No. 2, 14 p. Details
Olivier Glass
Dynamics of a small rigid body in a perfect incompressible fluid
Exp. No. 3, 20 p. Details
Benoît Grébert
Recent results on KAM for multidimensional PDEs
Exp. No. 4, 12 p. Details
Diogo Arsénio; Emmanuel Dormy; Christophe Lacave
The vortex method for 2D ideal flows in the exterior of a disk
Exp. No. 5, 22 p. Details
Jean-François Bony; Frédéric Hérau; Laurent Michel
Tunnel effect for semiclassical random walk
Exp. No. 6, 18 p. Details
Christophe Prange
Uniform Estimates in Homogenization: Compactness Methods and Applications
Exp. No. 7, 25 p. Details
Julien Sabin
The Hartree equation for infinite quantum systems
Exp. No. 8, 18 p. Details
Sylvia Serfaty
Systems with Coulomb interactions
Exp. No. 9, 23 p. Details
Peter Hintz; András Vasy
Quasilinear waves and trapping: Kerr-de Sitter space
Exp. No. 10, 15 p. Details
Yu Deng; Nikolay Tzvetkov; Nicola Visciglia
Invariant measures and long-time behavior for the Benjamin-Ono equation
Exp. No. 11, 14 p. Details
San Vũ Ngọc
Microlocal Normal Forms for the Magnetic Laplacian
Exp. No. 12, 12 p. Details
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