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Journées équations aux dérivées partielles (2015)

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Diogo Arsénio
Recent progress in velocity averaging
Exp. No. 1, 17 p. Details
Anne-Laure Dalibard; Nader Masmoudi
Phénomène de séparation pour l’équation de Prandtl stationnaire
Exp. No. 2, 16 p. Details
Cécile Huneau
Stability in exponential time of Minkowski space-time with a space-like translation symmetry
Exp. No. 3, 12 p. Details
Herbert Koch
Global well-posedness and scattering for small data for the 2D and 3D KP-II Cauchy problem
Exp. No. 4, 9 p. Details
Renato Lucà
On the size of the regular set of suitable weak solutions of the Navier–Stokes equation
Exp. No. 5, 14 p. Details
Rafe Mazzeo
Sharp parabolic regularity and geometric flows on singular spaces
Exp. No. 6, 11 p. Details
Jean-Marie Mirebeau
Numerical resolution of Euler equations through semi-discrete optimal transport
Exp. No. 7, 16 p. Details
Luis Miguel Rodrigues
Space-modulated stability and averaged dynamics
Exp. No. 8, 15 p. Details
Christopher D. Sogge
Problems related to the concentration of eigenfunctions
Exp. No. 9, 11 p. Details
László Székelyhidi Jr
Weak solutions of the Euler equations: non-uniqueness and dissipation
Exp. No. 10, 34 p. Details
Henrik Ueberschär
Spectral geometry of flat tori with random impurities
Exp. No. 11, 7 p. Details
Mark Williams
Turning points at infinity and stability of detonations
Exp. No. 12, 8 p. Details
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