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Journées équations aux dérivées partielles (2001)

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Raymond Brummelhuis
Generalizations of Melin's inequality to systems
Exp. No. 1, 8 p. Détail
Adrian Constantin
Geometrical methods in hydrodynamics
Exp. No. 2, 14 p. Détail
Anne de Bouard; Arnaud Debussche; Laurent Di Menza
Theoretical and numerical aspects of stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Exp. No. 3, 13 p. Détail
Vladimir Georgiev
Resolvent estimates and the decay of the solution to the wave equation with potential
Exp. No. 4, 7 p. Détail
Nicolas Burq; Patrick Gérard; Nikolay Tzvetkov
The Schrödinger equation on a compact manifold : Strichartz estimates and applications
Exp. No. 5, 18 p. Détail
Michael Hitrik
Expansions and eigenfrequencies for damped wave equations
Exp. No. 6, 10 p. Détail
David Hoff
Dynamics of Singularity Surfaces for Compressible Navier-Stokes Flows in Two Space Dimensions
Exp. No. 7, 9 p. Détail
Vojkan Jakšić
Spectral theory of corrugated surfaces
Exp. No. 8, 11 p. Détail
Sergei B. Kuksin
On exponential convergence to a stationary measure for a class of random dynamical systems
Exp. No. 9, 10 p. Détail
François Bentosela; Philippe Briet; Leonid Pastur
Absolutely continuous spectrum and scattering in the surface Maryland model
Exp. No. 10, 15 p. Détail
Jeffrey Rauch
Nonlinear Pulse Propagation
Exp. No. 11, 11 p. Détail
Hart F. Smith
Global existence for a quasilinear wave equation outside of star-shaped domains
Exp. No. 12, 6 p. Détail
Plamen Stefanov
Weyl type upper bounds on the number of resonances near the real axis for trapped systems
Exp. No. 13, 16 p. Détail
Philippe Tchamitchian
The solution of Kato's conjecture (after Auscher, Hofmann, Lacey, McIntosh and Tchamitchian)
Exp. No. 14, 14 p. Détail
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